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Here are a few fast track items to help you get ahead in your planning for the New Year.   Catch these deals until.. well; we’re not sure how long yet, get them while it lasts…We’re still feeling the holiday cheer!

This MBA, from A+ Finance & Resource Group, will be an asset to getting your budget organized and your financial concerns moving in the right direction.  Using the Micro Budget Attendant will:

  1. Set up a system of tracking and managing your budget for 90 days.  You’ll send the Attendant images of your receipts through a confidential upload or mobile send; after the initial setup.  You’ll have access to review the system as reported to you.
  2. Receive tips that will make your financial planning goals even better, a beneficial source while you’re using the MBA.
  3. You’ll receive the system to manage on your own after 90 days; with a greater bird’s eye view and understanding of your money habits.

Hurry!  Spaces are limited.  Begin today!  90-day duration.


Are you a self learner who enjoys engaging in communities with like minded groups?  You’ll love this!

Total Personal Development

You receive everything in this package so go check it out NOW!

Also, participate as a free member (to package holders) in a private community with Strategic Partners For Life as you maintain the  package for this Total Personal Development.  A great social network for mentoring and personal development support!