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Don’t Panic! GA State Returns Will Process

Georgia State Department of Revenue will begin to process Individual Income Tax Returns on February 1, 2018. The state has been completing an update to their systems to curtail fraud with tax returns, specifically with email phishing scams.  Be reminded of the following: Individuals: DOR will begin processing 2017 individual income tax returns on February 1, […]

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What’s New In SHOP For Small Businesses?

You should be aware of a few changes that are coming in 2018 to how small employers sign up for Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) health and/or dental coverage. For coverage that starts on or after January 1, 2018: Small businesses can apply for and enroll in SHOP health insurance through an insurance company or with OUR help here at Financial Wealth Group, as […]

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Ask These Business Questions

Reviewing your company’s cash flows, budgets, and balance sheets may be the last thing you want to review as a business owner.   Here are three financial questions you should be asking. Why Do I Need A Budget? Creating and sticking to a budget can be challenging; however, they are a necessary management tool. Think of […]

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